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    Can anybody tell me about hunting in cordova. I am moving there in 6 months and just wanted some general differences I can expect coming from Sitka. I mainly want to know a boout deer and birds(waterfowl/upland) thanks

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    I'm kinda in the ame boat you are. I live there half the time now and am really looking forward to the waterfowl hunting up there. Deer can be accessed across the way on the islands . Plenty of ducks though, I live for that stuff. We'll have to meet up and do some hunting and figure that place out. I have the decoys, the calls and the gear for the feathered kind...I just need a boat.

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    Sounds good thanks for the info!

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    Default from Cordova

    Awesome waterfowl hunting. Good from the road system but you need a jetboat or airboat for best access. Lots of good people in town who will be willing to help out and point you in the right direction. Deer hunting is good here but bucks are not as big as in Southeast. The best deer hunting is on the Islands. Huge moose, big brownies, good goat hunting and sportsfishing. Lots of alders and devils club. Check with Tom at the sporting goods store, Whiskey Ridge Trading. Get ready for a good BS session.
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