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Thread: tok to dawson??

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    Question tok to dawson??

    Hey was just wondering if any one here does the tok to dawson poker run? I have the last two years and wont make it this year as it is my 25th wedding aniversary year and i figure i should do something special for the mrs.

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    The Tok to Dawson trip isn't special enough?

    Never been able to make it, but know a lot of people who do it every year. Things are changing for me so I have a much better chance to go this next time. Would running a widetrack amongst a bunch of crotch rockets be taboo?

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    Default taboo = control

    No taboo im the only guy in my group that rides fan cooled 570 panther
    they may go faster they may not haul as much oh and yeah they need me to thaw there helmets hehehehe i charge 5 bucks a thaw hehehehe

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    between wasilla and palmer


    This spring I was out running the 700's with my 550 fan while towing another machine.
    (They were hauling loads too)

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    I know that Matt Medinas the service manager from ERPAC has run it.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    Default marv

    iIwas on the trip that Matt went. They have a great picture on one of the trek sites of Matt taking a hair dryer to try to get his 4 stroke polaris running hehehehe.
    Page 2 of the photo gallery it was around 40 below that day alot of machines went to warm storage.


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