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Thread: Alaska float trip DVD's

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    Default Alaska float trip DVD's

    I recently got three of four float trip dvds that Duke Outdoors made. Very high quality videos and loaded with insights and information. The focus is on kings, but all species are covered. These guys know what they are doing too. The guys are brothers from Boise and float Alaska rivers and made some awesome dvds of the trips. Each one comes with a "know before you go" booklet that has lots of good info. Pictures and gps coordinates of log jams, rapids, etc.. Fishing spots marked, you name it. Very impressive. To date they have dvds for the Aniak, Holitna, Lake Creek, and Talachulitna. More to come from what I hear. This is a must have for anyone floating Alaska rivers in search of fish. Great job guys!!!! I bought mine from . The website to the producer is . Take a look.

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    It's nice to watch the videos, but my group's trip was frustrating because of our expectations after watching their videos (Lake Creek & Talachulitna).

    The Dukes talk about success catching kings consistently with a frequency we never say anyone match or say they had matched. We checked with lots of very experienced fishermen & found nobody who catches kings with anything like the frequency that the Dukes report. I wasn't there with them, and maybe the Dukes are just that much better than everyone else we've met. But, most people should not expect they'll be hauling kings out of the river every 15 minutes if they follow the Dukes' advice.

    Also, I'd have preferred that the Dukes spend a bit more of the DVD showing techniques, and not so much just watching them fighting the fish.

    P.S. We also had way too much terminal tackle, based on the recommendations on the Dukes' site at the time. I'm happy to see they've now cut those way back.


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