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Thread: Lake creek Reports?

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    Default Lake creek Reports?

    Looking for any info on Lake creek. We will be floating it this sunday from Chelatna and were wondering if anyone has been on it recently and how they did. What were they biting on? How was the float? Any suggestions?

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    Are you guided, or unguided? I'd have some advice for unguided that you'd not want if guided. Also, I assume you've reviewed the comments at

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    My buddy just guided a 2 trips there, he says that the biggest rainbows were being caught on dry flies and the silvers were in but not biting. Have fun
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    I go there every year the second week of august for silvers. We have always had our limit with an hour or two, every year. We fish with eggs in a slough were fish will be holding.

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    Went last August, about 16 poeple, we were lucky if we averaged 1 fish a person. But I think it was common in the Cook Inlet, poor run. First time we didn't have everyone limit out.


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