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Thread: Goat Aging

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    Default Goat Aging

    Just curious if aging a goat was similar to that of a sheep. I was looking at the goat mount at the Millenium hotel last night and only counted two rings, but it was an adult billy. Any idea?

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    you do age them by the rings on their horns, but the rings are more subtle than on a sheep, particularly on an older goat where many rings are stacked together at the base. I shot a goat down here in Colorado two years ago. Being a novice I thought he was 5 or 6 by counting rings but the game biologist at the check-in and the taxidermist both estimated his age of at least 11.

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    Default Count the annuli

    Dan is correct- you have to count the rings. It's a lot harder than with sheep, because the rings are much closer together and a LOT less pronounced than the ones on sheep horns. The oldest one I shot was 14 years old, and the rings were really tight.

    I doubt you could count the annuli accurately without actually having the horns in your hand. On the wall you just cannot see all the rings, because they're small, and the ones closest to the skull are obscured by hair.

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    Default goat aging

    Goat are very difficult to age. When I brought mine to F&G last year the bio took a shot at it but he acknowledged he could have been two or three years off.


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