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Thread: Best Type/Location for Fish Finder Transducer Location for Aluminum Hull Jetboats?

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    Question Best Type/Location for Fish Finder Transducer Location for Aluminum Hull Jetboats?

    Airmar does not recommend in-hull transducers on hulls thicker than 1/8" due to signal loss. This is evidenced by poor performance of an installed in-hull transducer on my outboard jet boat with 3/16" bottom. The unit is installed in the correct general location for an in-hull installation but the performance is terrible. You can hang a transom mount unit off the back but it seems like that will be destroyed while using the boat in a river or beaching it in salt water.............Anybody have a good suggestion that is field proven on outboard jet boats such as Wooldridge? Or do you just have to remove the transducer from the transom for river use?

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    I just flip mine up when heading for shallow water. In-hull transducers and aluminum hulls don't mix well.

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    Default Vexilar Alumaducer

    On my .190 bottom, I'm satified with the thru hull Vexilar Alumaducer. The company states alum hulls up to .150 but, it seems to work well on my .190

    I will tell ya some who shoot thru .190 tell me it's not sensitive enough for thier needs, but most give it a thumbs up.

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    My OBjet is on a SeaArk Tunnel jet skiff and I have my transducer mounted off the stern like a regular boat... but in the top corner of the tunnel so it is up off the bottom of the hull and it works but only in shallow water... I take my skiff in the salt to get to my rivers and streams.



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