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Thread: additional headlighting

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    Default additional headlighting

    Finally have my 03' Grizz up and running. Hated the "thought" of paying 70 bucks an hr for something I must learn myself. Good to have a shop manual.

    Anyways now that our "midnight sun" is fading and dark is about on us all I am looking or considering my options for additional lighting on my bike. I like what Honda has done on some of there models-the "cyclops" version. Is there some lighting that I can mount that won't fry my stator coil and/or my battery? Currently my stator is keeping a constant 14 volts to the battery-is this going to be a problem with additional lighting and if not then what is really a good aftermarket lighting system that is going to work "brighter"?

    Give and take I know but what is your experience?


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    I run 4 12v tractor off road lights on mine, 2 low on the wench plate and 2 up on the handle bars. I think it was $40 at wally world for the lights, then wired them in with toggle/inline fuse and a relay. I wired the system negative logic verses positive. That way it doesnt burn anything up, if a wire gets rubbed through the lights will just turn on and ya know you have a problem. I run everything dang near negative logic. Not familier with that cyclops lighting, but you can wire them the same way, just pay more for a light to beat up in the woods.


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