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Thread: Any Recent Info on The Russian or Kenai

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    Default Any Recent Info on The Russian or Kenai

    I'm an Alaskan resident who's been serving in the Air Force for the past 28 years. I'm on my way back up for my annual trip to visit family members and enjoy some fishing. I normally come up for the second silver run but this year other duty committments are forcing an earlier trip. I was wondering how the fishing has been lately on the Russian and the Kenai. Any luck with Silvers on the Kenai so far this year? Any info will be appreciated.

    Two more year until mandatory retirement...It will be nice to be able to fish all the runs, grayling, rainbows....I can't wait

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    Default Can't help!

    Can't help you with the rivers but..... Thank You for your service to our country. Hopefully you will have a happy retirement full of fishing trips and lots of stories.

    Thanks, Daveinthebush

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    Rob T: Haven't hit either of below yet (am stationed at Elmendorf). However, the attached olink may have the info you're looking for. Saw a lot of pinks in Bird Creek this evening, I was fortunate to land my 1st 2 silvers (I arrived here last Oct).


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    The kenai is doing well with reds. I've been fishing the sanctuary below the russian the past few days with success. Very few fish actually in the russian.

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    Default Thanks for the Info

    Thanks to all who took time to reply. The plane takes off in about two hours....I can almost smell clean air, fresh fish, and wood smoke... See you all out on the water.


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