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Thread: OB intake grate

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    Default OB intake grate

    I've been told that if the intake grate bars on an OB jet are bent upwards it can really reduce performance. Can anyone confirm this? Is it a cavitation problem?

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    Smile intake grates

    I don't think that it is a problem. We've hammered the s**t out of them (unintentionally of course), and as long as we straightened them out so rocks/sticks/etc couldn't get through, they worked out fine. As for them being bent "upwards", like arched? Still no difference in my opinion. As long as the foot is on tight, and the impellor/sleeve are in good shape and shimmed correctly, that's all we ever worried about and didn't notice any problems.
    If a grate bar gets twisted from a good impact, then that could deflect water instead of letting it pass staright through correctly. The grating is only there to stop the BIG junk from entering the intake. If junk wasn't a problem, then why have a grate at all? So I don't see that a bent "upward" grate matters one bit. If I'm wrong, please correct me.. My .02...


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