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Thread: Moose (Unit 20A)

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    Default Moose (Unit 20A)

    I have drawn a permit for DM770 (Unit 20A). Any suggestions, advice, etc.?

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    Default What's the deal?

    Okay, over 100 people have viewed this thread and nobody has any advice? Suprisingly, there haven't even been any wisecracks "weaseled" in. Someone has to have something to share.

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    Default Sugestion

    Give your tag to the first person to respond to this thread.
    Sorry couldn't resist. I wish I had something to offer but I'm pretty new to this, I just linger here for good info. Best of luck though.

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    Default Don't cross the train bridge @ Ferry Trail

    We hunted the antlerless permit up there a few years ago. Easy hunt, but heaven forbid your 4-wheeler is too wide to cross the Nenana on the foot bridge alongside the tracks. The RR cop that lives right at the bridge got "very upset" at some guy we saw that had machines that were too wide. Big no-no. I was on a Polaris 600 and the fenders rubbed a little but it was fine. With the any bull tag, you should be fine, we saw probably 20 moose in the 4 days we spent up there, 3 years ago.

    Good luck! Lots of people.

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    Default 20A moose

    I have a 20A tag for Yanert Fork. I wanted to get my son a registration permit for antlerless, but F&G changed that hunt to archery only. It sounds like it should be good hunting. If you are on a wheeler I can't imagine that it would be too tough. I am going to be on foot.


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