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Thread: Pack list for fly in goat hunt

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    Default Pack list for fly in goat hunt

    Can anyone steer me to past conversations on this topic or post their pack list for a fly in goat hunt. This year might work out to fly and try for a goat.

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    Default Previous Thread

    See my post on Sheep Pack Weight. I will going on a fly in goat hunt also after my sheep hunt with the same stuff, but less food for a shorter hunt.
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    Default Same as sheep

    I agree with Blackfoot that the list for goat should be close to the same.

    If you are going in Oct, make sure you bring warmer gear.

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    Default Ak Steve

    Gear should be the same as sheep, but be prepared for more wet weather. I'd add a pair of crampons. Depending on where you are hunting you can probably ditch the spotting scope as well.


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