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    Anyone have any issues shooting reloads from their semi auto shotguns. I just recently got into reloading shotshells and they will not eject out of my semi. I have tried all sorts of loads and still cannot get them to eject. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You don't say anything at all about which gun you're using or what kind of loads you've tried, so I'll have to speculate. It will probably depend on whether you're shooting a gas operated or recoil operated model, and the details of your loads. Using the wrong powder and load combo can do it too.

    It's been quite a while since I shot a gas operated semi (the only semi I use now is recoil operated), but back when I did it was important to resize the brass base plus get a really clean crimp with no swelling. That was to assure reliable feeding. Especially for my Remington 1100's and Winchester SX-1's, you needed a really well-shaped reload. I resorted to a Posness Warren loader that used full-length sizing dies and kept each shell in the sizer through the whole reloading cycle. The profiles of the finished shells were as "clean" as a factory shell.

    Going the other way, or getting them to eject, was not a problem with standard or magnum shells unless I used powders with burn rates not quite suitable for a model's gas system. Really slow burning powders seemed to be the culprit any time I had problems. If powder residue started clogging the gas ports, ejection problems would get progressively worse. If your gun is gas operated, have you cleaned them lately?

    I did encounter ejection problems if recoil or pressures were too low. Upping powder or shot charges slightly or switching to a faster burning powder usually rsolved it. A friend had lots of problems with heavy hunting loads at one point, but it turned out he was using really high pressure, slow powder loads in combo with dirty gas ports. It appeared that his particular loads were causing excessive case expansion while not allowing enough gas through the system to provide enough force to eject them. Cleaning his ports, dropping pressures and switching to a little faster powder solved his problem.

    I gotta say that I wish I had my Benelli Super Black Eagle back then. That thing is absolutely spooky in it's ability to reliably digest anything from very light 7/8-ounce loads to 2 1/4-ounce 3 1/2" lead loads. It's mostly bare metal from years of wear and tear now, but it has never failed to feed or eject.

    In your case I'd double check that your gun is in good working order (i.e., clean gas ports on a gas gun or lubed correctly on a recoil-operated gun), then suspect your powder choice, or the amount of recoil generated if you're working with really light loads.

    I'm only speculating because I only load for doubles now. (I only shoot factory waterfowl loads through my Benelli now.) If you can provide a lot more detail on your loads and gun, I bet someone here can get very specific in their recommendations.


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