Winter has held a grip on the island a long time, but when I came in on the 15th my sourthern environs tagged somewhat along. My two weeks included days of sun, days of mist and fog, and a 2-day rain event that dropped over 5 inches with up to 40 mph winds that definitely wasn't summer typical.

Clear streams prior to the rain event gave up dollies and reds, with Saltery being red-hot and take 5 sockeye. Buskin and American River dollies were there for the reach and wound up in the smoker.

Charters at sea were absolutely loaded with all the butt you care to cut and kings to 40 lbs. I scored my first white king late in the game, and that flesh is to be posted Fed Ex. Total score on cooler and 2-box check came in at 130 lbs. and that ain't bad for the out-of-town boy.

The rain event choked the streams for 4 days after it let up and that's a tough one for those on the rivers.

I threw a thank you party for all those who assisted in my research of
Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle. That was a whupper followed by a signing event the day after.

Kodiak is a great place. They are paving more roads and it gets easier, but the Emerald Isle always will toss its weather to remind you it rules. Best discovery this trip was Coastal Creations, a superior consignment store that runs the gamut from furs, ivory, old post cards, sterling, vintage clothing, art, and you-name-it local discoveries that the locals bring in. Shop this one by all means if you make it in.

My Kodiak chapter is closed. Book's done and thank-you's have been extended. I have made many friends and will miss them. I'll return summer of 2009 for the thrill of it all because that place is simply that good...