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Thread: .405 WCF Questions

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    Default .405 WCF Questions

    I am looking for other semi-spitzer or spitzer rounds to load up for my new rifle. I am shooting the Hornady Factory ammo to build up brass until I hit about 140cases. I would like to find out more about reloading this cartridge for the 1895 Winchester--I bought the last takedown model at Mecca (Sportsman's). If anyone has good resources about bullets, dies, powders, recipes, pressure limitations and reloading information it would be much appreciated. I'm assuming 43,500CUP pressure limitations just like the 1894 Windchester that I have at home already.

    I was also wondering if anyone has seen a 330gr bullet out of Kodiak Bullet Works. This was just a rumor, not sure if its true. Thanks in advance for your time and experiences. They'll certainly help out this newbie to handloading.


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    Yes I've loaded for the 1895 Winchester and the 405 WCF. I would limit the loads to 45,000 psi (drop the CUP) or 300 grains at 2250 fps. I think I still have some Kodiaks for the caliber but don't know which ones I think just 300 grains. The best powder and well ahead of the rest is RL-7. My rifles preferred the Remington 9 1/2 primer (standard large rifle) and the old (1905 vintage) 1895 rifle worked very well with the Hornady flat nose and didn't like the spitzer version, ditto for the Ruger No. 1. Grand old caliber and rifle. The Japanese guns are well made and stronger than the old ones but not up to Ruger No. 1 strength. My best accuracy with the lyman receiver sight was with the the 300 flat nose hornady at 2150 fps.
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