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Thread: newbe shopping for recurve on budget

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    Default newbe shopping for recurve on budget

    Hey- I know almost nothing about archery, but I want to get into it. I know that I want to shoot trad (recurve), and I know that I want to hunt big game.

    So I have some basic questions- since some bows are faster than others, one 50 lb. bow could be more powerful than another 60 lb. bow, right? In other words, send an arrow of equal weight to the same or greater velocity.

    I'm sure this is obvious, but I'd like the most bang for my buck in terms of draw-weight and power... why pull 60 lb. when I could get identical ballistics pulling 50 lb.? However, I need to stay on the cheap.... what affordable bows give the most power-for-draw-weight? What's the best value in the recurve market?

    Also, can anyone recommend some good resources for someone like me? Books that assume no previous knowledge of archery to get me started, as well as stuff on instinctive shooting (which is what I want to learn), archery hunting, etc.?

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    Thumbs up this is a good source for info
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    Look at the Samick bows. Great deal!

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    Instinctive shooting 1
    Instinctive shooting 2

    There's lots of books, many many good ones, these are step 1 imho.

    DONT buy a samick! They are cheap, cheaply made! There are good ones out there, the quality control is horrible. Most shoot bad, some shoot worst, some are sweet. It's a gamble. Being new, it's a waste of money to take that gamble.

    Look for an older martin hunter, Damon howatt hunter, or better yet, a checkmate hunter II, or I, Martin Mamba is another good one. The older bears are nice, however are a commodaty, so expect to by rediculous prices for one. Check out talk to Chad, let him know I sent ya and tell him hi for me. See what he has.

    If you want a stickbow for cheap, you wont be able to step into the really high performance (high end) stickbows. They maybe a tad faster, but it's really minimal at best. More importantly is getting it tuned. You're too late for this fall without question. These are bows that take some serious dedication, shooting daily, or alteast a few times a week to maintain. The MOST important thing with a stickbow is arrow flight!!!!! is another site, though not as good as Another good classifieds is Farmer has a hole list of sites, including hers. Next to tradgang, she has the most bows on the market for sale. Also check out The Footed Shaft in Rochester Mn. He has on his web page a for sale deal. The up to date list you'll have to buy for a meager 1 or 2 bucks a month.

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    I bought a PSE Heritage Impala through BCA in Anchorage a few months ago. I don't expect it to compare to any of the midrange-high dollar bows but for spending less (my first recurve, wanted to test the waters before I invested hundreds of dollars, which I'll be doing soon) I haven't had any problems with it. Just my 2 cents.

    Also second the reference for I'm addicted to that site.

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    Thumbs up recurve

    bought a fred bear kodiak mag. for $100.00. didn't know anything bout them. got some 5575 gold tips and magnus 2 bladers and started shooting. Can't wait to do a ballistic test on a whitetail. You'll love it.


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