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Thread: Caribou Around Farewell

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    Default Caribou Around Farewell

    Not asking for any secret spots, but was wondering if anybody knows if there are any caribou normally south of Farewell along the South Fork Kuskokwim in August? Or anywhere around Farewell?

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    That's already a secret spot for at least 10 guys on this forum. :-) But you might first check with ADF&G to see what they say. The area bio in McGrath might have some insight. Might also be some harvest records for the area.
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    Default Few...

    I've hunted the area some (although not for caribou). There are a few caribou scattered around, but it's by no means a hot spot. You may or may not see any shooters.

    If you are specifically after bou, I'd suggest somewhere else.


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    Thumbs down Big River Herd


    I guided in that area for several years, and could offer the following information:

    The area you're talking about is the home range of the Big River Herd. This herd has been in decline for the last eight years or so, and your chances of tagging a good bull in there are really slim. The whole time I guided in there I think we maybe shot a half-dozen caribou at the most. Hardly worth the effort.

    And no, I don't guide there anymore. The wolves are eating it all up.

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    Default Thanks Michael

    Thanks for the info. I'm not going to be there for caribou, but thought it might be worth a jaunt from camp to look for caribou for some meat.


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