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Thread: been awhile since i've been fishing...

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    Talking been awhile since i've been fishing...Trout/Pike Advice

    hey all...just signed up on the forum, thought i'd introduce myself and ask a few questions that have been bugging me.

    22 yrs. old, from Pennsylvania. Used to fish for trout and bass in the PA creeks and rivers, and Flounder in the Chessy River. Haven't fished for well over 6 years, and my grandpa always had everything ready for me, so i never learned to do anything myself. I'm in the Air Force on Elmendorf AFB and have the itch to really get back into fishing before i leave for the lower 48 next winter. my main goal is trout and pike this year, and salmon next year.

    I have tackle box ready, with some research i got a few #3 and #4 spinners, spinnerbait, buzz bait, 3" spoons, and jigs for jerkbait. also a couple frogs. a few questions i have are, do i need to use split shot sinkers for these in calm lakes? if so what sizes? or do i just cast and reel?

    I am going to be fishing on Otter Lake and Six Mile Lake on Ft. Rich more frequently than anywhere else, and i'm not so sure the Pike will be that large as elsewhere. I do plan on taking a few trips to the Big Lake/Nancy Lake/Red Shirt Lake areas for the better Pike trips, but they will be farther and fewer in between trips.

    What size/type spinners should i get for trout? i'm sure they;d have to be smaller. also do Spoons work for trout?

    sorry for all the questions, i am such a noob at this now and i'm basically starting from scratch.

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    Best thing is to hit the local bait and tackle in the area you are fishing. Spoons and spinners are almost always trout takers, but pattern, size, and color are often vital. Pike seem to be hitting the soft baits like mad this year in the interior and I have caught pike in nancy lake on soft white baits this year. Best of luck. Sorry I can't help more, but I live in a totally different fishery than you.

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    Pike like spoons. at least that is what I have had the most luck with.
    Do you have acess to a boat? I have had the best luck just off the edge of a weedy bank. this can be tough to do with out a boat.
    For trout I think spinners work better then spoons but nothing is better then salmon eggs. Though some flys can be dam close. I usually use just about the smallest sizes I can find. A 0 or 1 work best for me. Also go to areas with spawning salmon (reds are the easiest to fish amungst). I have heard that 6 mile creek gets a run of reds if you can find some that are bright red though some spinners or salmon eggs behind them and you'll probably have some luck.
    You can use sinkers if the lake is deep or you think you need a little more casting distance.
    I don't know much about the lakes on base, but nancy lake is easy to access and there are decent pike in it. I generally go to the public access with a boat and fish just a little out and to the left of the lanch. I have had some good luck there but it is no secret and some times the area gets heavily fished.


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