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Thread: ok i know im not the first

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    Talking ok i know im not the first

    But i want to brag first good work out on the cat this weekend!!!
    Wife and i went to eureka camping. And sence my last fourwheeler was a 87 foreman i was concrened about all the new stuff on the cat i bought this spring. But it is all stuff alot of makers are going to. But anyway it did great and i know 450 miles or so isn't alot but was real impressed with the braking on monument with the load of me the wife and the loaded trailer. And with assorted showers through the weekend was actually thinking of going around but decided to try and away we went right back to the top on the way.
    This is the load going in.

    This is the load coming back out we were just above the gut and never got light on the front i did lock in differential but she climbed right up it.

    Ok before i hear about why the load is smaller coming back out i got to get me an atta boy here after 25 years of being married i didnt know the Mrs had never been camping. And she said she want a fire and hotdogs so not know forsure what easy and dry wood could be found on the way in i had one tier of wood in the bottom of the trailer. so even if it was down pouring she would still get what she wanted.

    home away from home. Anyways it was a great ride caught some grayling at tyone and crooked saw some stupid chickens and ground squirels is all in the animal department. And then last but not least in this picture i want to point out the brand new mossberg 500 mariner i needed to pretect us from the bears which she went and bought me for her first gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and just for the other scenery and pictures

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    looks like you had a good time, did you do some fishing any where else

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    yes we had a blast but no just fis in the two creeks and it worked great as the wife is a rock collector so she was rock hunting while i wet a line
    caught and released probably 10 fish that was good enough for me and as fun as it was it just makes me want tow ork on getting more saturdays off to enjoy it more

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    Nice looking camp. 25 yrs and first night w/o a car in sight, eh? heh
    I do the same as you do back there--get some nice fish, pics and rocks.
    Happy Campin'


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