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Thread: Eggs in Saltwater/Silvers

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    Question Eggs in Saltwater/Silvers

    Has anyone heard of using eggs, mooching or on a bobber, for silvers?
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    Default Eggs

    Eggs are a popular bait for silvers, especially in streams where bait is legal. They are often drifted near the bottom using a split shot or small sinker. I have seen a lot of people drift them under bobbers and be quite successful. The key is keeping them at the level of the majority of the salmon. I am not sure about mooching with them. I suppose you could use them for mooching and catch fish, but usually whole or cut herring are used and are hooked in a manner that causes the bait to spin which seems to help elicit strikes from silvers. You probably couldn't make the eggs spin, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't catch fish. Hope this helps answer your question, I'm sure there are others who will have some more input for you. Good Luck!


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