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Thread: Canoe seat repair?

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    Default Canoe seat repair?

    I have to replace the seating on my old town and a cane and spline kit from them would run 22$. Is there anywhere in Fairbanks or elsewhere that has this stuff for cheaper?
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    if you are looking at doing it on the cheap you can flip the seat over and use seatbelt webbing. (Although I like the look and feel of cane) I bet you
    can find it cheaper by googleing it.


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    i was thinking of using some kind of webbing but i think it would look ackward, i think when the seat is in need of being used ill just break out the duct tape and keep my open for a good deal.

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    Default webbing repair

    I repair them by cutting out the cane seat and then I remove the seat and flip it over. I use 1 inch nylon strap material. I use a 1/2 inch staple gun and weave a new seat with the webbing. I make sure when I cut each strap to the length that I heat the nylon webbing with a lighter so it does not fray. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish if you have the tools ready. over the years in our rental fleet I have done this to many many canoe seats with no failures and it also makes for a comfortable seat.
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