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    Went cage diving with Salmon sharks, however the visibility was only ten feet. One thing we found out these sharks don't responsd well to chum like ther bigger cousins the White and Mako sharks. They are visual hunter, and responded well to teaser baits. Had a silver salmon elude a shark and take refuge in the cage for a moment. Next we deployed the mooching style sharks rigs and we hooked up immediately. Salmon sharks screem off line, and put up a tremendous fight using 130 lb braid. Need to keep the drag on the maximum setting. Sometimes they roll up in the line, and you need to un-roll them like a yo-yo. Be prepared to fight some for over an hour. My brother kept one for the table.
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    Tried taken some underwater footage, but the water visibility made it difficult to get quality shots. In addition, the sharks are extremely fast and come an go very quickly.
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    That would be really cool to dive with them. Was this your own boat or a charter? When did you go? What were the water temps? How far out did you have to go to find the sharks? Sorry for all the questions but I'm headed to Valdez in few weeks and that would be an awesome experience. Great unique post.

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    wow small world. I was on the aluminum cat that was fishing right next to you, we thought you were crazy for swimming with those things. that was by far the best fishing I have ever experianced in Alaska.


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    We fished & dived three days last week, and hooked about 15 Salmon sharks of which we landed & released 8, and kept 1. Swifty's was the charter boat, and they had a cage made for us. First day out the sound was rough so we headed to Port Fidalgo an inlet with protected waters. Dropped anchor at the head of Whalen bay I think it's called? Anyway it was close to shore with lots of sharks chasing salmon. Next couple of days made the long 60 mile run to Hitchenbrook Island were there were large schools of sharks. Luckily the water conditions were glass. Water temp was 52 degrees, and the fishing was great. Diving was fun. I would recommend a charter service the first time around.

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    That does sound cool to see them from down in the water. Glad to hear you guys released most of them. Did you eat some of the one you killed? If so, how was it? I know it is a challenge to hook and land them and I hope it doesn't get too popular because sharks are starting to be over fished all over the world. I love to catch big fish and would love to see them but have no desire to try to winch one in.

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    Yes, we ate some of the fillet after we soaked in pineapple juice and barbequed with onions peppers, and seasoning. Good stuff, and I think it's best when marinated in fruit juice, and or terriyaki sauce. The remaining fillets were distributed among the group.


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