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Thread: Looking for some fishing locations

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    Default Looking for some fishing locations

    Hello, I am new to this site, but have been stationed up here in Alaska for 3 years. My Dad is coming up from Texas Aug. 18 for three days, then we are driving out on the ALCAN back to the lower 48 to my new duty station. Going to miss Alaska so much, People here too.
    I joined this site to see if anyone could give me some tips for some local (50-70 miles from Fairbanks) fishing and locations I can take my Dad to.
    Thanks ahead of time for any responces!

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    Since you are gonna hit the ALCAN I reckon you will be passing through Tok. I stayed in Tok for a few days on my way to Elmendorf AFB from Texas and came across some great Greyling fishing! Forget the name of the river system but it was only about 10-12 miles from Tok. You should be able to get directions from the local gun/fish store. At the time, I just used an ultra-light w/ a tear-drop bobber, 2.5 foot 4wt lead line, and dry flies and tore 'em up! You'll be in bear country so be prepared.


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