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Thread: 25 Yamaha 4 stoke oil change

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    Hey gang,
    We've got a 25 4 stroke Yamaha (2003) and love it; first season using it. It didn't come with an owner's manual; is changing the oil as simple as pulling the plug (14mm?), draining, new filter, new oil? I've got a Yamaha oil filter and Yamaha oil as well. Any other tricks to this motor? Do I need to change plugs every season like we did with the 2 stroke or any other maintenance issues? We had some oil pooling under the cowling, couldn't find any leaks, maybe the way we had it stored in the connex on the boat (boat trailer tongue elevated way up in the air to get 2 4-wheelers under it somewhat).
    I've kept an eye on oil level, no change.

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    It is as simple as you described. Grease the fittings, throttle/shifter cable areas that are exposed and change the lower unit fuild. No need to change the plugs every season unless you want to, but it depends on use.

    Make sure when you store it to lay it on the side of cowling with the 2 pegs sticking out or there should be a sticker on the motor stating which side to lay it down.

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    Oil change is recommended every 100 hours of use, oil filter every other oil change.
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    Default first oil change

    I made a mistake of changing the oil on my 250 yamaha while the boat was in the harbor. It was my first filter/oil change after running 10 hrs. and I hated to pull the boat just for that. It seemed imposible to remove the filter without spilling oil into the housing and a little of it draining overboard. I was in a panic and decided to do my oil changes on land from then on.


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