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    Anyone with experience with these. I'd like a horse substitute for solomoose and elk hunting.

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    They go places most ATV's can not but you can not really carry a load on the bike or yourself as you become to top heavy and they are hard to keep upright.
    I used one a couple of times and the one I had didnt have a suspension and beat you to death.

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    Default Rokon

    I have a couple of Rokons. Snowwolfe is right about them being a rough ride and slow. However they are very light and will go just about anywhere. I transport mine on a hitch hauler, so no trailer woes. Rokons are also light enough to pick up to get unstuck if necessary. I have never been stuck on mine. They are not for most people however. If you want to travel good trails mostly, get a 4x4 atv. They are much faster and smoother riding. While there is limited space to stack cargo on a Rokon, they can carry just about anything you can stack on them as long as you can keep it upright. You can also tow big loads with a trailer if necessary. You can get more info at


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