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Thread: Halibut research: locations Seward to PWS?

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    Default Halibut research: locations Seward to PWS?

    Good day.

    I'm a halibut biologist with the IPHC.

    I am coming up around August 10 for two weeks research into halibut hooking behavior, to better describe the gear selectivity of circle hooks. I will be placing an underwater camera (actually, a high res scanning sonar) on the searfloor to observe halibut hook attacks. The gear will have a half dozen or so baited circle hooks. I'm interested in any thought on 'good ground' for this research. I will need to observe a range of fish sizes form about 8 to 20 pounds and up. I have some ideas right now, but am always interested in what the local fishermen can tell me. I'll be on a big boat, and can set the gear in depths from 50 to 500 feet.

    I'm also interested in weather holes, bays or sheltered spots where I might go when it's blowing too hard to be outside.

    Right now, the plan is to assemble the gear and leave Seward on the 10th, to run up and start near Montague Island. A couple posts have suggested that fish may not be in their 'traditional' spots around there.

    Reply here, or PM me with a phone number and a time to call.

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    take me with you and ill show you.

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    Default fish on

    LMAO @ Sgtpunisher!!! Got room for me too?

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    If you turn right out of the bay from Seward, you can always run to Harris Bay which produces a pretty good catch and from there you can run out to the Chiswells and seal rock for great fishing too. Sounds like a fun job you have. kw

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    IPHC, Hmmmmm.
    Maybe a little to harsh but initial reaction is, not good.
    That camera/sonar getup sounds really cool though.
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    follow the 50 foot charter boats
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Default Me too...

    Hey I'm doing a study as well although mine includes how they taste after I bury the circle hook in there mouth (beer batter, broiled and grilled). You guys can PM me coordinates and I'll let you know how they taste. sgtpunisher: Good sense of humor, You're welcome aboard my boat any time!


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