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Thread: 2020 Willow 300 Trails

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    Default 2020 Willow 300 Trails

    With the cold weather finally breaking just a little we are out putting in Trails for the upcoming January 30, 2020 Willow 300 Dog Sled Race. Currently we have ridden the lower, first loop of the trial which starts at the Willow Community Center and Willow Lake. The loop goes out across Willow Lake, Long Lake, Crystal Lake and Vera Lake to the Willow Swamp, continues left around the eastern side of Willow Swamp to the Old Hunter Trail and on to the Big Swamp. In the Big Swamp the trail runs south? down stream to Big Lake Trail 11 and then out on to the Big Susitna River. The trail then crosses the river and turns right up stream to the Scary Tree corner, where it turns left and then right into Fish Creek/Kroto Slough on to what I know as the GCI trail. The GCI Trail comes back to the Big Susitna just below the Deshka River at the end of Kroto Slough where our trail continues on around the corner to the Deshka River and up through the Deshka River mouth. On the Deshka River the trail goes up to the Deshka-Su Crossover Trail, up the Deshka-Su Trail and then on past Susitna Landing to Sheep Creek Lodge where the first checkpoint will be.

    Second loop to come if anyone is interested.

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    I'm interested!
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