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Thread: Cow moose tag

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    Question Cow moose tag

    Ok--After 22 years of putting in for various hunts, mostly antlerless moose along with bison, I finally beat the odds and drew an antlerless moose tag DM402. This is in the Point Mckenzie area. First choice was Redshirt area where I have cabin connections and know the area- but as luck would have it I got 2nd choice.
    My question is--Would anyone be willing to share any info on good places to start scouting and hunting. Am going to do all possible not to waste this tag but I don't know this area at all. Took a drive down to the Port the other day and made a loop up Holstein Road to Gurnsey back out to Ayshire and PT. Mac road. Pretty confusing as to tell what is private and what is public out there other than the Goose Bay Wildlife Refuge.
    Any info and or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    there are a ton of cows out there. i wish i could get a tag liek that as i saw at least one or two cows a day down there as to where i was hunting. those swamp donkeys are not the smartest. haha. i could get 30 yards from em no problem most of the time then they would run. i would just get out there early morning as that is when i see most of the moose. find some good trails and sit. also i found after about 0800 all of the bull moose were in the swamps with the cows following shortly behind. that should be an easy hunt if you even drive up and donw the roads early morning. good luck

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    I drew that one once and had noooo problem finding cows. Get out there at daybreak and basically road hunt or walk the wheeler trails. I was seeing 5-7 cows a day (chasing them with my bow). You shouldn't have any problem bagging one.

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    I put in for the same draw. u should have no trouble filliling that tag. there are more cows out there then you can shake a stick at. they have really started to tear it up back there the last couple years. so there are new trails and access roads popping up all over the place. you could probably fill that tag road hunting in pretty short order. i have been hunting the area for 12 years now. will usually see at least one cow a trip. congrats on the tag i doubt it will take more then a couple hunts out there to fill it. so good luck.

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    Default cow moose

    I had this tag last year, I did shoot a cow. However it was not as easy as some people state. I use to see cows every day out there this year i finally found one after hunting three seperate mornings. The swamp is tough and the power lines are tougher depending on the rain and water. Alot of people, use them to your advantage. Mine did happen to run right through a graval bar and i did shoot hit 50 feet from my machine, but that was after waiding through swamp for three days! Good luck, chef

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    I know this area like the back of my hand. You shouldn't have any problem with finding a cow. Get a fat one!


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