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Thread: Bino harness with holster?

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    Default Bino harness with holster?

    Does anyone have any input on a quality bio harness with sidearm holster? Specifically I'm wanting something that can hold a Ruger Alaskan 44 mag, a pair of binos and be worn comfortably under a heavy backpack for multiple days. Im leaning towards Blacks Creek but also considering one from alaskan guide creations or marsupial gear. I have zero experience with any of these and looking for some first hand knowledge. Thanks a bunch in advance for any opinions/advice. Cheers

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    Eberlestock makes one with space for a sidearm, not sure if it will take a full size revolver.

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    We all have our own opinions and we all know what works best for us and what we like, etc. You are wise to reach out to others as there is lots of experience here. I admit if I am not careful I tend to become a bit of a gear junkie with packs and holsters.

    I carry my S&W .44 Mountain Gun in the Diamond D Guides Choice holster along with a speed loader and a 6 round cartridge slide. I can wear it all day and could sleep in it if needed. Then I hang my old Zeiss Classic 10x40 glasses around my neck and if hiking I loop them under a shoulder or under the holsters chest strap. I some how ended up with two sets of bino harnesses and they are still in the package they came in. I need to try them and see if I like them.

    Seems to me hanging ones binoculars and a heavy Ruger handgun together off of one system would get heavy after awhile. But, I have never tried it.

    Blade Tech has some good gear and they are a good place to deal with. They sell an item called the Tek-Lok for about 12.99 and it can be attached to a Kydex holster and securely and quickly attaches to a belt. The angle can be adjusted to the users preferences and it allows a holster to be carried horizontal or vertical or cross draw, etc. There holsters run from around 30 to 80 bucks depending on model. Might be worth looking at if they make a holster for your gun.

    I have a Sog Pillar knife from Blade Tech and the Kydex sheath has the Tek-Lok on it. I attach it to my Diamond D Guides Choice holster in the upside down position and it is fast to deploy and the sheath is very secure. I had another Kydex sheath made up for a fixed Karambit with the Tek-Lok and I plan on getting about 3 more knife sheaths and 2 pistol holsters made up using the Tek-Lok attachment.

    Yup, I am fond of it and like being able to attach it about any where on a belt or pack and it is quick to remove and relocate.

    Does the holster on the system you want detach so it can be worn separately if desired? The older I have gotten the more weight conscious I have become about my gear. Wish I could apply that line of thought to my waist line. Woe is me.....Good luck in your search and if you can, post a pic and thoughts of what you settled on. It is an interesting concept.


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