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Thread: Kenai Air Transporter

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    Question Kenai Air Transporter

    After 5 years I finally drew a caribou tag on the Kenai peninsula (DC007) so now I'm looking for a flying service to pull me and hopefully my game out. I plan on walking in from Hope but would like a pick-up and flight out to the Hope airstrip. Any suggestions?

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    I dont think anyone is flying out of Hope. So I think you may have to fly both ways. I was told the Cooper Landing outfit was not flying this Summer. So I think your closest bet is flying out of Moose Pass so you might call They fly out of trail lake as does trail ridge air. They both might have to fly you out of Trail Lake as they appear to be on floats. By the way. I have done that hunt before and packing out to Hope is long, but not that bad and mostly downhill. But we had two guys for one smaller caribou. Good luck.
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