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Thread: King season on the Kenai extended?

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    Default King season on the Kenai extended?

    Anyone hear if they are extending the season for kings past July 31st?

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    Wouldn't hold my breath for that one.

    That EO would only be issued if the escapement (in-river return minus harvest) were projected to exceed the upper end of BEG 35.7K.

    So far ADFG optimistically estimates that 36K have passed the sonar. Thru about 7/20, roughly 5K kings had been harvested. I was told by ADFG a few days ago that about 500 kings a day have been harvested since then. So now we're talking about a harvest-to-date approaching 10K.

    That leaves an escapement of only 26K to date. The likelihood of getting another 10K-plus kings past the counter in the next few days seems unrealistic. Especially so given the near-certainty of sockeye contamination in the chinook estimates. The precautionary approach would favor letting the season run it's usual course thru 7/31.
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    Cool No guessing. . .

    Quote Originally Posted by hunthard View Post
    Anyone hear if they are extending the season for kings past July 31st?
    Tomorrow morning, Monday, July 30th, call our local ADF&G office at 907-262-9368 for an authoritative answer to your question. Our local managers are very helpful. . .


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