I sent a stainless model 70 SA into a gun smith about a month ago. I was going to have him make into a light weight whitetail rifle for hunting in the dakotas, and also for caribou and black bear. Well I got talked talked into buying a suppressor at the last gun show I went to. Buy one and get a 22LR suppressor for just the tax stamp. Well I think that a suppressor 22 would just be a lot of fun. Anyways I called the smith today he hasn't started with the build yet. I asked him about the can ect. We came up with a sendaro contour carbon wrapped cut to 18" threaded with thread protector, for the stock a McMillion a hunter carbon stock, Talley rings with a VXIII 2.5x8 in the caliber of 7-08. The only thing that he wants to do that I'm not a big fan of is he would like a mag well with a 5 round mag and I prefer just regular old model 70 hinged floor plate which I was going to get one from pacific tool and gauge aluminum one. Im not a fan of mags, because I have forgotten my mag before. I have never had a suppressor gun before and was a little worried about loosing FPS with that short of a barrel, but he said the Suppressor will actually help with that and gain me about 150 fps. Im hoping to keep the rifle at 8lbs or less. Anyone have any input on a build like this. My ultimate goal is a suppressed handy rifle shooting 140TTSX at 2700FPS. Anyone with experience think this is achievable in weight and FPS. Some info i left out. The Suppressor is a banish 30 TI and can be either 7" weights 8 ounces or 9" and weights in at 13 ounces.