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Thread: 375 H&H Loads?

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    I just snatched up a Win M70 CRF in 375 H&H for $550! It is in amazing shape. I know, I'd hate me too!! My question is if any of you have any pet loads. I plan on loading 270 gr Speer SPBT, but with what and how much? I also plan on working up some 300 gr loads with Hornady's RN-FMJ. Let me know what I should try. First round will be with RL 15 from 69 to 72 grs. Other options?

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    If it doesnt shoot w/ RL 15 and a good 270 grain bullet there might be a reason you got it for $500.

    Seriously though, RL 15 is tuff to beat in the lighter bullets. I prefer H4350 for the 300 grainers. Some guys also like 4350 w/ the 270 grain bullets. WW760 aint bad either.

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    My Interarms Whitworth likes 270 Swift A-frames pushed by 81.5 gr. IMR-4350.
    (Work up your own loads to make sure there are no signs of pressure, blah , blah, blah,)
    I was able to use this load on 3 hunts last year.
    Had a complete pass through of a small black bear @ 125 yards.
    Moose @ 255 yards (throught he back edge of the front shoulder and through both lungs) retained 269 grains.
    Bull Bison (DI403) @ 120 yards/ Just shy of a complete pass through. Retained 246 gr.s

    I dont remember off hand what the load was but 2 seasons ago I shot a spike bull moose @ 25 yard with a 270 Hornady interlock. The shot was dead between the eyes and the bullet came to stop about a foot down its neck. The bullet seperated and retained only 146 out of 270 grains. (but it did transfer a lot of energy and put meat in the freezer.

    Just some late night thoughts.......


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