Bought my 10y old son a .22-250 Remington rifle this past Christmas and brought him out shooting once so far w/open sights. He comes close to hitting his target so far at 100+yards. But I know if he shoots a moose that he will most likely hit it, the reason I bought the rifle for him. He used a .223 last year and bagged a moose for the family. Yes with a .223, and it took him only one shot and it was down and dead within seconds.

Now I just bought him a Nikon scope w/mounts for it. I want to use it also this fall for seal hunting and on caribou this winter. Nothing fancy, just a 3-9x40 w/BDC reticle. Can reach out to 500yards once sighted in.

My dad wants him to shoot this fall w/open sights, I don't mind either way. I think he has shot enough with a .22 and .22WMR w/open sights that he knows how to shoot very well.

No I don't reload so factory loads work good enough for me. Generally the green/yellow box are for target practice. Winchester and Hornady for hunting is what I use. So what are your recommendations for factory loads in that caliber?