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    Ok I have a small job boat that is a riveted Lowe. It is 16í long but only 48Ē wide so a very narrow boat. I currently use it very little but run a mercury 9.9 4 stroke on it and it moves just fine on the local lakes. Iím interested in turning it into a jet boat either a 25 mercury jet or a 40/30 Yamaha sometime along those lines. I believe it is only rated for a 15 hp motor currently. If I wanted to move forward what are some of the things I would have to do. I figured build up the transom, maybe add float pods to the back. I donít have any experience with a jet and would like to keep the setup as light as possible. Iím in the kenai area so it would probably get used around this time of the year during the low water as well. Is there anybody locally that could
    do this type of work, I would be willing to take it north if there is somebody up in Wasilla/anchorage. Other option is sell this boat and get a different setup, but i do want to stay light. I also have a regular kenai boat thatís an 18í boat with 50 hp Suzuki I thought about getting a jet lower but that boat is not nearly as light and larger than what Iím planning to need for my use.

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    I would say yes to the pods if you are going to a bigger motor. Lots of shops around that can do that for you...we have installed them here at Sheet Metal Inc. If it were me I would probably go straight to a welded boat if I was to run more motor and a pump in rivers.

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    The Boat Shop in Fairbanks can order you a custom Alweld lighter-weight welded boat with stepped factory pontoons (as I understand it, they have a sale going on right now taking orders). I wouldn't mess with adding things to a riveted boat--especially if you're going to jet it. JMHO.


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