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Thread: Best places to visit in AK

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    The hardcore guys will say that Anchorage is a couple hours away from Alaska...and there's some validity to that. However, Anchorage is arguably the easiest place to get to and base from, so if you can't base from Fairbanks or Juneau

    - A day-cruise (i.e. 26 Glaciers, Kenai Fjords, etc) out of Whittier or Seward shows the glaciers, saltwater, wildlife, etc.
    - Lots of local opportunities for flightseeing if you're able to rent a plane by the time you get here: Knik glacier area; Talkeetna's generally; Chugach Range; hop over to Seward, etc.
    - Lots of commercial day trip options from Los Anchorage: Bear viewing, sightseeing etc
    - The drive to Valdez is nice;
    - As mentioned above, a good 1/2 + day can be spent just wandering around the Lake Hood area. The Aviation museum is neat as part of that.
    - I personally think Anchorage is lacking in interesting things for visitors but I may be jaded: there's all sorts of hiking, one can visit Girdwood and take the tram, enjoy a libation on top of the mountain; ATV tours of the Knik glacier are available; glacier hikes on Matanuska are available, etc
    - Fishing? Depending on the time of year, trips are available from nearby areas from Anchorage (Mat-Su, Whittier or Seward for saltwater, lots of fly-outs from Lake Hood area
    - As noted by IOT, Talkeetna has become disgusting IMNSHO.....but it's close to Los Anchorage and a good spot to go for a commercial flight around McKinley.
    - If it otherwise fits, going to either Fairbanks or Juneau and doing the available stuff from there will probably give a bit more "real Alaska" feel...but it may still be "touristy" and may take a bit more logistics effort.
    Back in AK

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