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Thread: Tip for gas container leaks

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    Default Tip for gas container leaks

    I see a lot of people concerned about these plastic gas containers leaking on gear or meat. While I still wouldn't put my gas cans with the meat I'll place them with gear anytime. Nobody showed me this but I've been doing it for years with never losing a drop. Wrap some plumbers white teflon tape about ten times around the threads and then torque the cap down with some channel locks. The jugs can bounce around for a hundred miles in my wagon and never lose a drop.

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    Good idea. I never carry fuel next to hunting and camping gear (including food). What I do is to place the fuel cans by themselves on the ATV racks if I am not towing a meat trailer. But if towing the trailer, then I place the fuel cans on a cargo rack designed for this purpose, outside of the trailer's main cargo box. This cargo rack is welded to the trailer's tongue, right by the front wall of the cargo box. I use the same rack to carry water containers. I never place water or fuel next to my clothes, and camping gear.


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