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Thread: ok, but ballpark me a price

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    Default ok, but ballpark me a price

    I received a reply from Larry at Pristine saying I should call and talk to him. I don't want to waste anyones time so here are a couple of simple questions I have not found answers to in the archives.
    Myself and a friend intend to use Larry's service and hunt for moose on a float hunt on a class 1 or 2 river in 2008. I am figuring between $4500 and $5000 apiece, can someone who has used him tell me if that is realistic or should I plan more. I'm talking everything door to door from the lower 48.
    PM me if necessary
    or ncleggsr@aol.comm works too!
    Thanks fellas, I have been lurking here and learning alot!

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    Default ball park

    Sounds to me like you're in the ball park. My hunting buddy and I spent around $3,000 each for our last moose float hunt, from lower 48 east coast, for an 18 day stay in Alaska. 12 day hunt and some extra local fishing after the hunt, etc. I had freq. flyer miles so getting to Alaska was free. It included:

    1) Larry's service ( the best!!!)
    2) Air taxi
    3) Raft rental
    4) Moose tag / hunting lic.
    5) 3 night hotel (1 at start, 1 after the hunt, and 1 before flying home.....stayed at Best Western Barrett)
    6) 4 day car rental (not sure about the name, either Budget or Affordable...just right up the corner from the Barrett)
    7) 3 day fishing lic. and camping along the road system after the hunt, etc.......Montana creek in Sept. was really good and so was the Russian down on the Kenai)

    We did give most of the meat to some Alaska friends of ours. We shipped 2 boxes each home and the hornes and capes went as extra bagage. We had all our own camping gear sent up early and stored at the air taxi. Wait until you get there to get the food, Wal-Mart and Carrs..........costs too much to send ahead......found that out on our first couple trips.
    Hope this helps and Good luck on the hunt. My buddy and I'll be up there about the same time in 08, for Brown Bear.


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