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Thread: Lower Fire Lake Pike Fishing

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    I was wondering if anyone has caught pike in Lower Fire Lake. What did you use to caught them? I tried a few weeks ago around 9PM with herring but didnt get any bites nor did I see any fish jump. Is there a certain spot on the lake that fishing for pike is better than other places?


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    Try at the other end of the lake if you have a boat away from the dam they have been repairing. As for tackle I have always had great success using a rapala, usually knocks em dead. Good luck.

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    I've had the most luck using hooligan by the inlet creek from upper fire lake. Also mepps spinners work well. I used to tie minow imitation flies and use them on a fly rod. I caught a lot of pike with those flies but they don't last long. Find a good weed bed and work the outter edges with said hardware. Super hot days with water like glass have produced the most fish for me.


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