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    Default PWS Crabbing

    I知 thinking of trying crabbing in PWS this winter/fall, but I have no idea where to even start. Is there anyone out there with experience willing to share some info? I知 not looking for specific location but would like to know depth ranges, do you fish shelves, edges, or troughs, types of bait, soak time etc.

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    I crabbed a couple places around naked island last year in October and got a handful in about 320'. I am admittedly a terrible crabber based on my time in Kbay trying to get them so...

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    Bait is easy, throw some herring or salmon carcass in and let her soak. In Kbay I target them around 350 feet. I'll drop in the morning, troll for kings then pick the pot on the way home. I wouldn't expect that you want to fish steep areas that the shrimp like ~ find a 300 foot plateau and give it a shot. Part of the fun of doing this stuff is prospecting and finding your own honey hole.

    One bait trick I love to do is get a bottle of smelly jelly herring scent. Open the squirter top, then wrap the entire bottle in one of those oil absorbent pads, then toss in your bait jar. When the pot sinks, the pressure will force out out the smelly jelly, which in turn saturates the oil absorbent pad and creates a long lasting scent trail.
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    Use a hanging bait and a bait jar too. I have caught them in pws between 350 and 1400.

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    Most I even encountered in PWS were near the island at the mouth of Icy Bay near Knight Island.

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