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Thread: Which Browning BLR takedown?

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    Default Which Browning BLR takedown?

    Been thinking about buying a takedown BLR.

    Use will be deer, hogs, elk. And I also want something with enough umph if I ever make it up to AK.

    I really like the 7mm-08, but that caliber is a bit weak for elk.

    Thinking about the 300 WSM although I dont care for magnums.


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    Every big game animal in Alaska has been taken with a bow and arrow so most anything should work if you know how to use it. You can find a box or two of .30-06 just about anywhere in Alaska and it will kill anything you can find up here. It really sucks when you ammo gets lost on the flight and the village store does not carry you caliber of magnum/ultra/or other special ammo. I took my last moose with a .308 it did just fine.

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    I hope you find one with a good trigger...

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    the BLR is available in several calibers suitable for any and all big game in Alaska - 300 win mag, 300wsm, 325 wsm, and 450 marlin (within 200 yds ). As far as triggers go, both my 450 marlin and my 325 wsm have perfectly fine triggers for hunting.


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