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Thread: Demo Days this Sat and Sunday on the Knik Solar Jet Boats

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    Default Demo Days this Sat and Sunday on the Knik Solar Jet Boats

    Demo days are back. We were looking at the weather and hoping for sun but it looks like this weekend may be the last decent chance to get this done. We will be out on the Knik River off the old Glenn highway with a number of models and motor combos to try out. We welcome other Jetech/Solar boat owners to join us. We will have hot food and plenty of gas. Also October is 10% off on remaining stock. We have a few 470 series and 1 500 series jet tunnel boats left. Not sure on the exact setup location but it will update once we are setup. It's going to depend on the soil conditions next to the river. We are going to do both days this weekend. I wanted to do Saturday only but the weather looks much better on Sunday. We will be doing demos from noon to 4 each day.

    Just passing the info. out copied and pasted from Jetech LLC site.

    I should be there both days and will be happy to let you ride in my Solar 470 With Tohatsu 50/35 Jet 4 stroke. Kurt

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    Update Sat weather forecast is bad, so event is on Sunday 10 6 only.

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    Sunday 10-6 Noon till 4 PM New Glenn Knick River Put in.

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    Thanks for the boat ride and all the information!

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    Went back to the Knik yesterday Man Made Lake off of old Knik road. Water has dropped big time only about a 40' stretch 16" deep to get on step.
    Ran it but tricky, hate putting the pea gravel through jet! Once through the tricky section chanel was easily runable.

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    Sad day yesterday put the 470 boat and motor away for the winter. With the wheels easy to roll in the garage clean and pack it and with a dolly could store them both in the shed for the winter. Storing a boat for the winter here is always an issue, much easier with an inflatable.


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