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    I've never fished the russian in august, but have in mid september for bows. The crowds werent too bad, but i was wondering if anybody knew when the crowds start to die off in august. I wont be able to make my annual september trip down there this year, so ill have to settle for mid to late august instead. I could probably hook into some silvers too hopefuly. I know its a small river and theres always going to be people there, but if anybody could give me an idea of when they go and how crowded it is, it would be great. Thanks.

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    I have fished it multiple times around the 20th of August(end of red season) and have done very well catching silvers, bows and dollies. The crowds were not too bad, but I fish mid week and early in the morning. LOTS of eggs in the water! It is hard to beat the fall colors in late September, though.
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    I would plan going mostly during the week becuase I normaly work on weekends...Not the best, but there are less people during the week. Last year the two times I tried fishing from the campground i got chased out by bears :/


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