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    Default Small trailers

    We sold out Northern Lite slide in because we didnít like the struggle getting it into the box of our truck.
    Now Iíve been poking around looking at used small trailers made by Rpod(Hood River Edition), Casita, Big Foot, Trillium, Scamp etc. Just out of curiosity whatís the general opinion of the Rpod(Hood River Edition)?

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    I think they are nice trailers although a bit spendy. The Scamps are a great trailer also. Friend of mine has one. I haven't pulled the trigger on either, but instead take my 16' enclosed 2 axle trailer for most trips. I have a queen air bed, propane stove, cooler, ect. Just no bathroom. I also have a 30' toy hauler, but it's a beast to tow and need lots of room to park it. I can't tow it with my F150 and have to use the 250 instead.
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    I have a little Sunray teardrop trailer, which I love a lot. It's not completely self-contained (no toilet or shower) but you can take it anywhere, it's got a decent kitchen (with water holding tank and pump) and a propane heater, and could probably be towed by a bicycle.

    I saw an Rpod way up the Dempster a couple of years ago, so people are taking them pretty far out there.
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