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Thread: Suzuki DF250 maintenance on new-to-me boat

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    Default Suzuki DF250 maintenance on new-to-me boat

    I recently purchased a 1990 SeaSport Sportsman, 22í.Theinboard/outboard was converted to an extended bracket a few years ago with aSuzuki 250 4 stroke installed.The modeland serial number are DF250, 25003F-610148, which I take to be a 2016 DF250txmotor.If anyone thinks otherwise,please let me know?

    The prior owners bought the boat about a year and a half agowith 180 hours on it. It currently has280 hours on it.Ultimately, it seemedthey just could not afford to keep it.Ithink they did oil changes, but likely no other maintenance.I donít know what the owners prior to thatdid for maintenance, other than knowing they kept it moored in a harbor(saltwater) and pulled it out for regular maintenance (although I donít knowthe extent of that maintenance).

    My plan at this point is to do the routine maintenance andkeep up on things. Iíve already got theoil and filter for the motor.My plan isto do the following:

    Motor oil/filter
    Lower gear oil
    Replace spark plugs
    Replace all anodes
    Replace fuel line
    Replace PCV breather hose (and filter?)
    Lube all grease fittings
    Pull prop and grease splines
    Replace water pump impeller

    I am also considering taking it to the dealer to have thetappet clearance checked, but have read mixed reviews on the necessity ofthat. Any idea what something like thatwould cost?

    I am also thinking that I will install a fuel/waterseparator apart from the engine filters. I would also like to put in a raw water washdown pump, clean up theinterior a bit and a few other odds and ends.The boat has a life raft, full Garmin electronics, and anchorwinch.I will also likely paint orre-gelcoat the boat next summer.
    Any other maintenance items that I missed? Thanksin advance.
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    Hi jmg

    I run a pair of DF250s -- love them. Your plan sounds good to me -- though it is way more than I do as I'm not very mechanically inclined. Every year, I change the oil/filters, change the lower gear oil, lube the zircs, etc only the simple common tasks. Every couple years i'll change the racors. Even with my simple maintenance, they have been bullet proof. With your maintenance schedule, you should be in good shape.

    I would definitely add that racor (fuel/water separator).

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    My 140's have done well, check the fuel filters under the cowl, the 140 has a low pressure that I think gets changed every 400 hrs, but might change it now if it has never had a Racor in front of it. The high pressure filter might be good to 1000hrs but check the manual. Be sure to check the exhaust manifold zincs as well as lower unit and motor brackets and the bonding wires. When I took my old 140's to Anchorage Yamaha with 1200 hrs and asked them to check valve clearance they said don't bother if everything is sounding and running well, not saying it's correct, just what they told me.

    I would be looking at BK's Lone Star anchor winches before any windlass set-up.

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    Yes, make sure you have a flapper operated bulge pump along with your switch mounted pump. Check to make sure the impellers are not clogged with debris, and can be easily accessed in an emergency. It is important that you have an easy access to get to them, and that they can be changed out in the field. I keep a spare just in case, with extra marine grade wiring, and heat shrink tubing to properly seal spliced wiring.
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