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Thread: Kroto Creek and a Pro Pioneer

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    Default Kroto Creek and a Pro Pioneer

    Looking for some insight on floating Kroto Creek from Petersville rd. to Oilwell rd. I know it isnít the standard float for Kroto, but thought I would consider it. Has anyone done this streatch and if so, what conditions can I expect. I will be with the wife and using a Pro Pioneer. Just looking for some rainbows and a little solitude.

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    Just be aware of the fact that the oilwell bridge on kroto has got alot of private property,so when you park you veh. please ask permission,you'll want to talk to hal and nancy. they are the folks that will be there 24-7,they might even watchout for your rig....and one last thing please to everyone reading this post pick up your trash...thank you

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    Default thanks

    Thanks Sheep Man for the heads-up about parking.

    ...and as always...."leave no trace"

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    Default me too

    I was thinking about the same float and would like anyones input on the conditions i can expect other than the mosquitos being large and the water being wet and cold. Thanks

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    Default Sounds like a great trip!

    Go for it; take lots of pictures, and please tell us how it went, okay?

    Have a great trip!

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