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Thread: Hope Pinks?

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    Default Hope Pinks?

    Are they still there? Thinking about taking the kids down for the day.

    Any reports would be great!


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    I'm taking the kids out to Hope tomorrow as well. Saw some reports of decent/good fishing last weekend on another site. Looks like Bird Creek was having better Pink Fishing, but not as kid friendly.

    Good luck

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    spent the last two days there with 3 kids and they're completely worn out. Caught some very nice fresh pinks and a couple nice chums too. Not crowded at all during the weekdays and fished during low tide. Drifted coho's and yarn flies and knocked them dead! Great time for kids of all ages.

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    Went to Hope this morning. Caught quite a few fish. Kids caught some on lures and I did better with pink coho flies. We got there at 9 AM and it was nice and peaceful. About 11 AM 15 other people showed up and decided to share our small sandbar. The kids were getting crowded out by older kids and adults and we hung it up a little after 12. If you go, get there early or be prepared for lots of folks. Even at 9 AM there were a lot of people out. I'm still new to AK fishing so not used to crowds. Thought it was funny when some guy got in front of my 4 year old daughter with his chest waders and she nailed him with a big pixie. Luckily he didn't get stuck, but he backed off a little.


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