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    Does anyone have any info they would like to share about this subject. I understand from other posters on this forum that you can hike in to the Chokosna Mtns, but would like to know if there are trails, or is it miles of bushwhacking to get there. How about four wheeler out of Strelna, then up the Kuskulana and over the ridge SE to the preserve. Or over towards Kotsina and the Long Glacier? Does that get you within reasonable shoe-leather distance of rams? Have used up all get out of jail free cards, this is for next or later year. Any help is appreciated. WW

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    Default Southern Wrangells

    Are you searching for more information on the area within the Southern Wrangells that was referred to by a guide's disgruntled non-resident client as the, "Chikosna Mountains?"

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    Default Southern Wrangells

    You need to start with the Park Service. The trails out of Strelna enter hard park and you need to determine if it is legal to carry a rifle, ride a four wheeler, and ride a four wheeler in a wilderness area, before you proceed. I know it's unconstitutional to limit firearms in the park but I'd hate to have to explain it to a federal judge. The areas you indicated are worked by guides and the sheep population is very thin. There are airstrips on Kuskulana Pass and the Lakina River near Mill Creek. It sounds like alot of bushwhacking to get to an airstrip. Sorry I couldn't help.


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