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Thread: Source for small harpoon for kayak fishing?

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    Default Source for small harpoon for kayak fishing?

    Any ideas on where I could find a small harpoon? A couple times each summer we go jigging for rockfish from our small kayaks (think the Costco style rather than fishing-specific kayaks). We've pulled up a few halibut over the years, and it's always a sport trying to figure out how to get them to shore since just lifting them in the boat isn't a very viable option. I'm thinking that a small harpoon would be great for the ones over 20 pounds to secure them for a tow back to shore. I looked at B&Js the other day, but all of theirs were on long shafts and much too big for a sit inside kayak without any rodholders.

    Any ideas?

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    If it were me, I would rig a large straight shank shark hook with a length floating poly line and a small buoy, and use it as a "flying gaff"... You can rig it with or without a short wooden handle lashed to the hook shank. Even from a boat I find it handy.
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    PICT0001 (27).jpgI made mine from a telescoping paint stick and a length of all thread. Scale the thing to meet your needs. Use anything that works for the handle...a broom handle, chunk of pvc pipe, etc. I filled in the all thread threads with jb weld and painted...totally unnecessary, but looks good. I put a coating of shoe goop on the very end and let that cure...helps keep the harpoon head from falling off due to the friction fit. I've seen just the harpoon heads for sale without the long handles so should be a pretty "instant" project.

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    I always carried my semi auto .22 with me and any fish I didn’t want flopping in my boat got a shot to the head. One shot pretty much immobilized them.
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    You can buy them special-built for kayak fishing on Amazon or build your own. Easiest build is to buy a conventional harpoon like you see on most boats here in AK, then hack the handle to 3-4'. Tie a buoy onto the end of the harpoon line and you're set. Stick 'em and let them fight the buoy and follow it for a little while, then slow pull the line to the surface and whack them.
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    I bought the cheapest golf clubs I could find from a thrift store, cut the heads off, and used the shaft to put the harpoon tip on. Just measure the diameter of the end of the shaft to make sure it will fit your harpoon tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HC130FE View Post
    I bought the cheapest golf clubs I could find from a thrift store, cut the heads off, and used the shaft to put the harpoon tip on. Just measure the diameter of the end of the shaft to make sure it will fit your harpoon tip.

    That's a good one!

    I used a ski pole. Took off the snow disk, of course, cut it to fit my harpoon heads- which are self made of SS tubing with a sharpened end and a SS cable in the middle so it toggles after going through the fish. Cable is tied to yellow poly rope to the buoy ball. With some break away rubber bands down the pole shaft keeping the cable and line taut and neat during use.

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    Golf shafts work great, easy to epoxy a piece of shaft or all-thread as suggested to hold the harpoon tip and a piece of aluminum tubing to the butt to whatever length you want. I used to build pole spears out of them. If using carbon shafts best to cut with an abrasive wheel or abrasive jig saw bit, regular blades will rip the fibers loose. I'd also suggest maybe adding a pole spear sling to the end, you can pull down the rubber and get some extra power for the thrust since it's awkward to get your weight over the harpoon sitting in a kayak.

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    B&J's has done a run of short aluminum ones in the past...check with them.

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