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Thread: ammo on airlines

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    Question ammo on airlines

    Did I understand correctly that one can carry ammo inside the gun case if it is in suitable cartons? Or does it have to go into checked baggage? Thanks! Ciao.
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    I know some airlines (frontier) want you to have the ammo with the gun in the same case. Others want them seperate.

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    I know with Alaska airlines and NWA you can put ammo inside the guncase with the rifle, so long as the ammo is in its factory packaging, or an alternate, provided the alternative package/box was made specificaly for ammo.

    Going off memory here, obviously not verbatim.

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    TSA says that ammo is allowed in the case with the gun. Any airline has the right to make their own regulations that are more restrictive than TSA. I fly quite a lot with firearms and I have not flown on any major US carrier that did not allow ammo in with the gun. However!!! many ticket agents are not aware of their own ammo policies and may swear you cannot put the ammo in with the gun. Always print and carry a copy of their airline regs and ask for a supervisor if they are mis-interpreting their own policies.

    I have found most international carriers DO NOT allow ammo with the gun. You need to check ahead of time or be prepared to switch the ammo from the gun case to another piece of luggage. I have had to do this in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Travelled to these places with ammo in the gun case as I was boarding state side but could not return under the same rules due to their national regulations.

    Another caveat is local regulations, the most difficult of all. TSA and the airlines can be easily contacted via phone or onlinefor their policies. But you have 3 parties to satisfy: TSA, airline, and local authorities. If local laws where you are flying prohibit ammo inside a gun case then you will be liable to criminal prosecution for violating a local gun law.

    This could easily apply if you need to overnight in some city or have the gun rechecked for an airline transfer. I was threatened with jail in JFK. When you check in at JFK the airport policies require all gun cases be inspected by the port authority. I had the ammo in with the gun and was told that the gun was therefore considered loaded and I was committing a criminal act. I was threatened with jail and by the time it was worked out my other luggage had long cleared and I had no place to put the ammo. We ended up emptying my girlfriend's purse and putting the ammo in the purse and checking that.


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