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Thread: Best Red fishing from shore

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    Question Best Red fishing from shore

    I am planning a fishing trip (Kenai, Homer, Seward)for my wife and parents next summer and want to hit the Red run at its peak. I noticed on the forum that today the first waves of Reds entered the Kenai. My question for all you local experts is: If you were going to pick a single day to shore fish for Reds near Kenai or Soldotna, year in and year out, which day would you pick? Thanks.

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    Default Reds in the Kenai

    There is no certain date year after year. These fish run at different times every run, so trying to predict them is tough. Normally, for the second run, the 15th of July is about the best time, but this year, they are late and running strong right now. I have been running down there starting on the July 11th this year once or twice a week, and the fish finally started coming in last weekend in decent numbers. Yesterday was the largest sonar count coming into the river yet. It's hit or miss there.
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